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APHI Testimonials & References

Get the quality and experience you deserve for your home improvement project. As long-time contractors, we deeply understand the value of skill and experience. With this in mind, we've compiled a list of testimonials and references that will help you learn more about our services and performance.

References & Testimonials

"Dear Dan,
Subject: Letter of Reference
Barb and I are very happy with the deck, all the repairs and the painting that has been done here at our house. It really made a difference to have your personal involvement on the job-site. We originally started looking at several companies and contractors but never had anyone really commit to the project like you did. We are so glad that you are diverse with your contacts and did a great job from start to finish. We never imagined the house would look this good. Thanks for coming through for us and we'll always give you a reference and refer you to all our friends.

Best wishes"
— Chris & Barbara Brown
Brown Home Improvement
1105 Southern Oaks Drive
Raleigh, NC 27603

"I would like to thank you Dan and Affordable Painting & Home Improvements for all your hard work and the amazing job you did on our office. We were able to open very quickly because of the effort you put into finishing everything as soon as you could for us. We have been very blessed as a Chiropractic office to have one of the most open and inviting spaces in the area. The layout is very well designed and our patients comment often on how bright and inviting everything seems. You were easy to talk and work with, and always listened to our concerns and suggestions. We have the most beautiful office in the area thanks to you. As cost of everything is always high I would also like to thank you for helping us build our office for much less than quoted by anyone else, the value we received for the amount we spent was well worth the money! I hope everyone you deal with realizes how much you care about doing a great job at a reasonable price, I know we sure do!!

Much Thanks"
— Dr. Glen Peterson D.C., L.AC
1016-C Shopps at Midway Drive
Knightdale, NC 27545

Additional References

  • Dr. Mark Vardy
    (919) 366-3111
    North Carolina
  • Don Collins
    Don Collins Builders
    (919) 845-7090
    (919) 669-9131
    North Carolina

  • Jody Werner
    Van-Guard Modular
    (919) 841-0709
    North Carolina

  • Linda Pelack
    (919) 757-6216
    North Carolina

  • Mike Ferrell
    (919) 217-4053
    North Carolina

  • RobinWood Assisted Living
    (919) 365-5710
    North Carolina

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